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Safe Home Internet for Your Family
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Protect Your Family

Vulnerable family members may engage in inappropriate conversations online with strangers or even divulge personal information.  Even if you believe you know your child's internet activity, you may be surprised:

- American Story with Tom Brokaw


Other interesting information:

The Psychology of Cyberspace, by John Suler

- American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations

Although most service providers install networking equipment (i.e. routers) that have basic parental control capabilities, these controls are typically DISABLED BY DEFAULT:


It is left up to you the customer to figure it out.

While network design and control is typically thought to be the domain of the corporate world, we believe there is an analogous need in households connected to the internet.

Depending on your Internet Service Provider and your needs, you may (or may not) require additional hardware or software.  In some cases a combination of network hardware and software-based changes will provide the best protection.

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