Safe Route Networks
Safe Home Internet for Your Family
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Network consulting via telephone to solve existing problems ($5.00/min, 5 minute minimum).

Set up a basic home network ($124.99).

Set up and configure parental controls (Verizon FiOS, Comcast Xfinity, and some other subscribers may require additional special services, see notes 4, 5 & 6):

Note: Prices are for labor only and do not include
cost of additional networking equipment (i.e. router),
shipping or services (i.e. DNS).

 ISP Router[1] Parental Controls

 ISP Router[1] + DNS Service[2]

 dd-wrt Router[3] + DNS Service[2]

 Number of Domains Blocked

 Up to 10



 DNS Locking[8]




 Separate "Kids" Wireless Network[9]

<Depends on ISP Router>

<Depends on ISP Router>

Additional $14.99

 Separate "Guest" Wireless Network[10]

<Depends on ISP Router>

<Depends on ISP Router>

Additional $14.99

 Start-up Telephone Support

10 Minutes

15 Minutes

20 Minutes

1.  ISP = Internet Service Provider.
2.  DNS = Domain Name Service.  DNS services such as OpenDNS ( and SafeDNS ( protect against entire categories of websites.
3.  dd-wrt:  See "FAQs" page for meaning.  See "Routers/Filters" page for recommendation.
4.  Verizon FiOS customers that wish to change routers (i.e. for DNS Locking) will be charged an additional $34.99 to switch the service from Coax (MoCA) to Ethernet on the FiOS ONT if necessary.
5.  Verizon FiOS customers that need to install a new router (i.e. for DNS Locking) and continue to use on-demand FiOS television will be charged an additional $24.99 to put the FiOS router into bridge mode to support the STB's (set-top-boxes) connection to the internet.
6.  Further labor may be necessary to install an Ethernet connection in place of a Coax connection.  This will most likely be the case for Verizon subscribers that wish to change routers (i.e. for DNS Locking) and can only be determined on a case-by-case basis.
7.  Add $9.99 per network device to make it network compliant with the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics (only 2 hrs. network access per day).
8.  DNS Locking - Refers to the ability of a router to automatically notify your DNS service of your changing (dynamic) IP address and its ability to thwart any attempts by network devices to override the router's DNS settings.  Most routers support a limited number of dynamic DNS services, but others such as dd-wrt support any dynamic DNS service.  dd-wrt also has the ability to prevent DNS overrides.
9.  Having a separate "Kids" network allows you to apply a rule or set of rules to all devices connected to that network, such as no internet access after a particular time on weeknights.
10.  Having a separate "Guest" network allows your guests to connect to the internet, but not access any other devices connected to your network(s).

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